Guide to Selecting the Perfect LED Tube Lights for Office Premise

An ambitious work environment, a positively competitive culture, and warm hues serve as the ingredients of a perfect workplace. With offices spending on interiors to attract clients, investors, and other parties, forgetting about light is illogical. Meeting your lighting needs will ensure you get the vibes of a modern workplace, and we will guide you in your endeavour of aesthetic workspace design. Find with L&T-SuFin the hassle service and the best products pertaining to modern office lighting

Overview of LED Tube Lights

LED tube lights are a new and technologically advanced solution to everyday lighting needs. Serving the function with efficiency, they also add soothing, clean, and aesthetic looks to the environment of the installation. They have replaced the traditional fluorescent and CFL light sources in almost all locations, including office premises. The LED tube lights have long and tubular structures and are available in different lengths and diameters. The common LED lights used are T8, T12, and T5HO, where numbers are indicative of tube diameter. 

Advantages of LED Tube Lights 

The LED tube lights are preferable over traditional lights. Here is how: 

  • They are cost and energy-efficient 
  • They lack mercury and hence are non-toxic 
  • The lifespan of LED tube lights is longer than that of traditional lights 
  • They are available in multiple colours and types 
  • LED tube lights are more environment-friendly 
  • They are also directional and available in dimmable versions 
  • The fragility of these lights is lower compared to a glass-based version of traditional lights 
  • They draw  considerably lower power for the same amount of lumen or brightness in comparison to incandescent bulbs 

Factors to Consider Before Choosing

The choice of the LED tube light must not be random but should focus on the following factors while making a decision: 

Focus on Lumens 

The power consumption depicted by watts was an important consideration for traditional light sources. However, the LEDs must be judged for their efficiency with lumens. Considering the lumens per unit cost indicates the functional and cost efficiency. 

Dimming Ability 

If the office premises require dimming the lights, which can be the requirement in conference or meeting rooms, the specification of the LED tube lights must be checked accordingly. Changing power flow, which is the mode of action of common dimmers, does not fit the working mechanism of LED tube lights. Hence, users have to choose the specific dimmable version of LEDs. 

Maintenance Requirements

Compared to traditional light sources, LED tube lights do not require higher maintenance. However, be sure to check the specific efforts required for the same for better information. The lowest maintenance versions are T8 LED tube lights. 

Available Fixture

LED tube lights are compatible with traditional fixtures. However, it requires the type with the correct specifications. Choose accordingly to avoid extra costs and time and to eliminate the requirement for customisation. 

Preferred Shade 

There are specific temperatures and shades associated with different LED tube lights. The higher temperature, about 5000 to 6000 Kelvin, is associated with mood-enhancing pure white and cool daylight. In comparison, 4000 Kelvin is suitable for getting neutral white light, similar to bright sunlight with a yellowish tinge. Further, the range between 27000 and 3000 Kelvin offers a warm mood with dusk time yellow light.


It is critical to be aware of the lifetime of LED tube lights in concern. The choice should be according to the usage duration, purpose, and the time span for which it is required. 

Disposal Criteria 

LED tube lights are made of environmentally friendly materials. Yet, the disposal method must be checked beforehand. 


Ensure the presence of energy efficiency capability and certifications. The LED tube light should have Energy Star and DLC (DesignLights Consortium). It is the proof of promises and assures the delivery of stated specifications of LED tube light. 

Top Companies Supplying LED Tube Lights 

At L&T-SuFin, meet office lighting trends with top suppliers and get the right glow to encourage the employees for the highest efficiency: 

  1. Bajaj: One of the oldest companies in India, they are among the most reliable quality manufacturers. Innovative products loaded with cutting-edge technology are also durable. They work according to the motto of best delivery, which has helped them last for a long time, and they are nowhere to go in the upcoming years. 
  2. Havells: Established in 1958, their long life and best deliveries speak for their quality. Acting as a transparent and truthful model, the company offers the products in wide price ranges and true to their price. It offers advanced LED tube lights for a modern office look. It also focuses on energy conservation. 
  3. Crompton: The top company and suppliers of electronic items have maintained their reputation. Delivering products based on modern technology, choosing their products is certain to fulfil modern lighting needs. Choose among the variety of items suited to your specific requirements. 
  4. Philips: They are the internationally known lighting manufacturers whose quality has been unnegotiable. They are one of the best ceiling light brands in India that offer a wide variety to fulfil the requirements of best lighting aesthetics. Some of their key features are environment friendliness, cost-effectiveness, top-notch quality, and energy efficiency. 
  5. Wipro: With global popularity for their products, they offer innovative and technologically advanced lighting solutions to the popular. Famous for their smart bulbs, the items from the brand have key features like long-lasting life, engineered products incorporated with multiple features, cost efficiency, and glare control. 

Ultimate Solution for LED Tube Lights at L&T-SuFin

Gone are the days of a single light source just to illuminate the room. With multiple options available to set the mood, aesthetics, highlight, and design while being cost and energy-efficient, why would you stick to CFL or fluorescent options? Lights are among the keys to enhancing productivity, and the choice between the options can lead to a dilemma. Follow the factors discussed previously and come to us for the best product deliveries at your convenience. 

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