Top 10 Ceiling Fan brands in India

The importance of ceiling fans in India and even worldwide is inevitable. Evidenced by the projected growth rate of up to USD 16.89 billion by 2030 from USD 12.50 billion in 2020, the competition to deliver excellence in terms of functionality, technology, and aesthetics is expected to increase. The addition of style, modern touch, and technology has already led to the launch of multiple intriguing and aesthetically pleasing options in the ceiling fans’ India market as well. 

With multiple electrical brands serving the nation for a long time, having been upgraded to global delivery and proving their mettle, the choice of best has become tricky. Helping you through, here we offer the top 10 manufacturers and suppliers in India also available at L&T-SuFin. 

Choosing Factors in Ceiling Fans 

There are different deciding factors in a ceiling fan that will contribute to decision-making while choosing a ceiling fan. Here are the enlisted factors: 

Number of blades: The number of blades in a fan is directly proportional to the reduction in noise intensity and inversely affects the quality of air circulation. The ceiling fans are generally available in 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 blades. 

Power consumption: The power consumption of a fan increases with fan size and decreases with the increase in motor efficiency. 

Speed: The fan speed is provided in rpm or revolutions per minute. The higher rpm indicates larger area coverage. 

Sweep size: It determines the amount of air that a fan can move and is marked by the fan’s diameter. 

Air delivery: It is referred to as the volume of air swept out by the ceiling fan under standard conditions. 

Motor winding: Users can also make a choice between the type of motor winding. It indicates the type of wire used in the motor. There are generally two options here: aluminium and copper. 

Energy rating: The higher ratings are indicative of the higher energy efficiency of the ceiling fan. The lowest efficient ceiling fans are rated 1 star, while 5 stars is the maximum rating. 

10 Best Suppliers of Ceiling Fans 

A wide number of manufacturers and suppliers deal with ceiling fans. However, the top ones that have lasted for decades and are known for quality are: 

  1. Bajaj 

Lacking the need for recognition, the Bajaj ceiling fans have upgraded throughout time with technology and innovation. Offering stylish designs to complement the interiors and decor, the Bajaj products are known to be durable and long-lasting with minimum maintenance and handling requirements. This well-established brand has multiple varieties to offer in each criterion while combining the products with superior performance and the best raw materials. Silent operation, sturdy and heavy motors, and smooth functionality are among the top characteristics of the ceiling fans from Bajaj. 

  1. USHA

USHA were the one to introduce the first indigenous Indian ceiling fan in 1930. They have lasted for more than 90 years and are non-negotiable, highly trusted, and reliable ceiling fan manufacturers. Users can choose from a wide variety of styles, colours, and lighting options. Among USHA fans, while some have definite prices listed, the costs for others are available on request.  

  1. Orient 

The technologically advanced, well-researched, engineered, and unique design products are available from the brand Orient. With stylish technology associated with low speed, high efficiency, maximum airflow, and outstanding performance among multiple characteristics of the products, the ceiling fans from Orient also offer a high gloss premium PU finish, heavy motor, strong blades with high-grade glass-filled compounded ABS, and much more. Explore the wide options to choose the best-suited one for you. 

  1. Polycab 

The best ceiling fans from this top-quality brand are available in a different number of blades, colours, designs, diameters, manual or remote operations, energy ratings, air delivery, style, sweep size, and much more. Known and recognised by its name, the brand is the fastest growing company in the Indian Cables sector. Expect their products to last long with corrosion-resistant blades while providing high-speed operation to their customers. 

  1. Anchor 

Offering a choice in style, colours, size, and modern touch, the Anchor fans are renowned brands delivering quality in almost all of the electrical deliveries. They also offer technology incorporating ceiling fans with multiple safety options. Users can meet their requirements for good air quality available through high-speed motors from Anchor. The products from the brand also promise pre-greased double ball bearings and a long-lasting powder-coated finish. 

  1. Crompton 

Acting and known as a top-selling ceiling fan brand, they are known for their quality and reliability. Offering a wide range of options, the products are associated with convenience, functionality, and energy efficiency, owing to their ratings. They are also global suppliers, further proving their excellence and quality.  

  1. Havells 

Select among the wide options available from the top and biggest manufacturers and suppliers, Havells. Enhance the decor with modern ceiling fan features or serve multiple functions through LED light ceiling fans. Known to deliver quality, the variety of colour and design options available here is a perfect fit for any location. They have been serving the country since 1983 and offer dust-resistant blades, making them among the low-maintenance options. 

  1. V-Guard 

One of the top Indian electrical and home appliance manufacturers offers amazing ceiling fans to meet their customers’ needs. Delivering the BEE-certified fans, their designs are simple and elegant. Similar to other ceiling fans, these are also available with a 7-day return option from L&T-SuFin.

  1. Syska 

Introducing itself as the ‘next-gen’ consumer electricals brand, Syska focuses on incorporating technology in its products while simultaneously pricing its products fairly. A wide range of products and ceiling fans are available in superior quality with the promise to last long.


The RR fans or RR Kabel fans offer contemporary designed ceiling fans certain to serve the functionality while adding to the aesthetics of the location. They offer BEE rating ceiling fans marking their capability of energy efficiency. They are among the top ceiling fans brands to consider. 

Find the Best Ceiling Fan Model With L&T-SuFin

The tremendous growth of the ceiling fan market has led to the availability of these products with wide options. With top brands striving to gain superiority in their market, at L&T-SuFin, we bring all of those to our customers. Meeting the needs and offering convenience to choose and find the desired products, there are multiple criteria available to select the best ceiling fan. 

Choose for the delivery at any of the popular metro cities in India with our 24*7 available customer service. Adding to the convenience, our business customers can also avail the option of loans at competitive rates from the market. Unable to find the price of the product of choice? This is because we are open to negotiation. Click on ‘Request Quote’ to get the best deal in the market with excellent service. 

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