All you need to know: LED Street Lights vs. Traditional Lighting

Are LED street lights more efficient and long-lasting than normal street lights? They provide systematic control over lighting levels, with multiple other benefits. However, they are more expensive than LED traditional lights. Hence, you must decide if the long-term savings are worth the cost or not. 

This article will help you examine the key differences between LED street lights and traditional lights, helping you choose the better one by comparing the major factors such as efficiency, return on investment, durability and much more. Keep reading to know what to choose and why.

LED Street Lights 

A lamp consisting of a light-emitting diode is an LED Street light. The purpose of installing them on the pole is to illuminate roads and streets. There are several advantages that LED street lights have over conventional lighting setups. These streetlights provide a higher return on investment, a longer lifespan, improved illumination, and energy efficiency. With well-focused lighting, LED street lights are an amazing option to protect your city and people from accidents, injuries, and crimes.

Some of the most crucial benefits of LED streetlights you can avail throughout the city include: 

Longer Lifespan 

L&T Sufin LED streetlights require minimal maintenance, resulting in a greener and healthier environment for everyone. The lifespan of an individual LED street light is much more than that of other traditional lighting systems, i.e., around one hundred thousand hours. As a result, they have longer lifespans and require less upkeep and replacement, which saves money. 

Better Quality Streetlights 

LED streetlights are an amazing option for eye-friendly lighting. They are also available in different colour options and provide better and wider light as per your requirements. The brightness levels and colours can also be controlled and adjusted as per your requirements. By providing uniform illumination distribution, they improve your visibility and help provide healthier eyesight. 

Reduction in Crime Rates 

With improved lighting on streets with LED street lights, there has been a notable reduction in crime rates, such as vandalism, theft, and burglary. As LED streetlights provide brighter lighting and cold temperatures, they reduce dark spots where most crimes take place.

Traditional Lights 

Traditional street lights function on electrical grade and generate energy entirely from nonrenewable resources. The traditional street lights require a major power supply and should be connected to high-voltage AC mains. They are commonly used on main roads or the urban streets in town. These lights were not designed to function in extreme weather conditions and hence can be easily damaged. 

The Difference Between LED Street Lights and Traditional Street Lights 

Some key differences between traditional street lights and LED street lights are: 

1. Electricity Costs:

The cost incurred in using a 60W LED street light for a single year is just 20% of the electricity cost incurred in using a 250W high-pressure sodium street light for just a year, which saves electricity expenses to a large extent.

2. Laying Costs: 

LED street lamps hold a power that is ¼ of the ordinary traditional lamps, and for laying copper cables, the cross-sectional area required is just ⅓ of traditional street lights, saving huge amounts of laying costs.

The combination of the two cost savings mentioned above, using LED street lights as compared to traditional sodium lights, allows the owner to recover the initial investment cost in a single year.

3. Illumination Comparison:

The 60W LED street light reaches the illuminance of around 250W high-pressure sodium lamps, which results in vast power usage reduction. By combining LED street lights with solar and wind energy, they can be used on urban secondary roads due to their low power usage.

4. Operating Temperature:

As compared to traditional street lights, LED street lights create a low temperature during their functioning, and even with constant use, they do not develop high temperatures, so there are no chances of the lampshade burning or turning black.

5. Environmental Performance:

The basic traditional street lights consist of harmful rays and harmful metals in the spectrum. On the other hand, LED street lights are built with pure spectrum and do not emit any infrared rays, radiation, ultraviolet rays, pollution, or harmful metals; they can be reused. Hence, they are a blessing towards the environment impact of traditional street lighting.

6. Service Life and Quality:

The average life of traditional street lights is 12,000 hours. Even though street lamp replacement is not costly, it affects the traffic. It becomes quite inconvenient to construct in multiple places, like tunnels. In addition, LED street lights are shock-proof, waterproof and impact-resistant, along with stability, zero maintenance and a warranty period.

No doubt, LED street lights offer numerous advantages over traditional lamps. However, some crucial factors must be considered before you select between normal traditional street lights or LED street lights:

Lighting RequirementsMultiple kinds of LEDs are capable of producing different levels of light, making it essential to align with the lighting requirements with the kind of LED being installed.
CostWhen discussing costs, LED street lights are the best option as they have a longer life span and absorb less energy.
Light OutputLED streetlights generate higher illumination than traditional streetlights.
MaintenanceLED street lights need less maintenance than traditional street lights, so if you’re not willing to spend ample time and funds on maintenance, LED street lights are the best option for you.
InstallationLED street lights need comparatively less installation work than traditional street lights.
Factors to consider when selecting led street lights

A Brighter Future with L&T SuFin LED Street Lights

LED street lights provide extended lifespan quality and better efficiency when compared to conventional lighting. These LED lights outshine traditional lighting in almost every aspect.

When talking about investment, L&T SuFin LED lights have higher returns on investments because of durable and reliable batteries, efficient solar panels and LED lamps. In addition, L&T SuFin LED street lights are nature-friendly and do not generate any kind of pollution or gasses. Users can expect to discover the best rates/prices from verified suppliers by raising quotations on the platform. For any immediate requirements, users may also procure these items via the ‘Buy Now’ process. Users may avail business Finance and logistics to meet their business needs. So, why do you ponder? Start illuminating your street spaces with the marvel of L&T SuFin’s LED sustainable street lights. Get a free consultation by contacting us at any time.

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