Crafting Perfection: The Art of Designing the Ideal Door Frame

Designer entrances are prioritised while constructing or renovating residential and commercial places. People in industries also prefer unique styling that makes the space look more spacious, unique and appealing. Nowadays, frames and doors are manufactured with a wide range of materials incorporated with the latest technologies. These doors and door frames must offer a perfect blend of aesthetics and quality at an affordable rate.

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Did you know that there is a hike seen in the marketing of distinct doors? WPC doors market size is expected to grow at 6.8% by 2023. On the other hand, the Granite door frames market size is also growing rapidly. This determines that there is a demand for high-quality doors promoting a sustainable future. 

Let’s help you understand the importance and utility of distinct material doors and door frames.

Uses of Distinct Materials for Exquisite Entrance 

Here are the applications of distinct materials widely used to build a unique, strong, durable door with aesthetic features.


We all know that the door symbolises the entry and exit point for every closed place. People widely prefer a well-designed, differently featured entrance to make it look more luxurious and have a wide and spacious entrance. Let us explore where this can be used:

  • Residential Places: In residences, farmhouses, apartments, villas, kothi, farmhouses, bungalows, condominiums, duplexes, and even mobile homes, people use doors that offer both aesthetics and protection from unwanted elements.
  • Commercial Places: Retail stores, restaurants, warehouses, hospitality venues, pharmacies, healthcare centres, complexes, offices and more incorporate high-quality, secure entrance doors. They mostly prefer doors that offer a luxury appearance and high security for better protection of documents, goods and services.
  • Industrial Area: Factories, industries, showrooms, manufacturing areas, cold storage, laboratories, research centres, and telecommunication centres use large entrance doors to offer security and complement their buildings.
  • Government Buildings and Public Sectors: Because they deal with crucial and complex data, information production, and services, government buildings and public sectors use strong doors with the best security features to protect themselves from any harm.

Door Frames

Door frames are used to seal around the entrance door. These are available in wide ranges, each serving different properties other than shaping the entrance. Let us explore their applications of door frame design through the following:

  • Residents, commercial, and industrial places use door frames to provide structure to their doors.
  • Stage shows telecast on television widely use decorative door frame designs to bring a unique touch of style.
  • Even if there is no door attached, people in rural areas use doors made of different materials for their entrances.
  • People use frames for large windows and ventilation

Granite Door Design

Granite door designs and frames use natural stones, exuding a blend of aesthetics and trends. Here is how granite door designs are used:

  • Widely accepted as door and door window frame designs
  • You can use it at the primary entrance
  • You can use them at the entrances to a kitchen or a pantry area.
  • Used in interior doors for a luxurious or sophisticated ambience, such as in high-end homes, hotels, or offices
  • Add luxury and moisture-resistance to bathrooms

WPC Doors and Frame

WPC frames and doors are a new trend in the modern era as they are ideal for places with high humidity. Here are their uses:

  • Residents use WPC boards for frames and doors in various areas, including modular kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, window frames, wardrobes, and more
  • Industrial sectors and hospitals use WPC frames. Near the entrance, you can use WPC boards to build wall panelling.

Importance of Materials Used for Entrance

Now that we know the different applications of distinct materials used to build exquisite entrances. Let us explore why they are the most crucial part of our places.


  • Security: Panels are incorporated to control access to the entryway. They help in securing a place by preventing unwanted entry or exit of any element.
  • Aesthetics: Doors add style to the space, making it look more luxurious and classier simultaneously.
  • Privacy: Whether it’s an external or internal, they offer privacy to humans, documents, services and products. This enables individuals to stay calm and relaxed while their work is confined to utility and offers safety and confidentiality.

Door Frames

  • Usability: Frame designs enable the use of entryways and provide a cozy place to sit in. Frames with entryways maintain your privacy and security.
  • Prevent Gaps in the Wall: They help fill the gap between the door and the wall and seal around the door. It also helps in maintaining uniformity. 
  • Provides Mobility: Frames not only provide shape or structure but also make panels flexible enough to move for opening and closure.

Granite Door Design

Here are the reasons granite door frames are trending in the current era:

  • Aesthetics: Granite is a natural stone with blissful designs, unique patterns and vibrant colour options from solid to combinations. 
  • Enhanced Durability: Granite paneled designs offer durability and elegance compared to wooden structures. The granite is resistant to scratches, cracks and stains, making it functional in the long run while maintaining its seamless finish.
  • Low Maintenance Required: It is resistant to damage and regular wear and tear. You can fix minimal damage using DIY fillers. However, you should call professionals for major cracks or damage.

WPC Doors and Frame

Due to the unique features of WPC boards, they are widely applicable in frame and panel manufacturing. Here are the reasons why:

  • Energy Efficient: WPC possesses excellent insulation properties. This enables WPC frames to efficiently block and transfer cold wind or heat, making it the perfect solution for different weather conditions.
  • High Durability and Strength: WPC frames and panels are less prone to cracking, warping, and moisture absorption, making them structurally strong and durable. In addition, they hold superior resistance to deformation, UV rays, and corrosion, offering longevity
  • Antimicrobial Properties: WPC door frames and doors have the best antimicrobial properties. This feature restricts the growth of microbes like bacteria and moulds, resulting in unhygienic conditions.
  • Low Carbon Emission: Unlike wooden, plastic, and metal alternatives, WPC frame and panel production leads to lower carbon emissions.
  • Sustainable: Since WPC is a recyclable material, it reduces deforestation, alleviates the pressure on natural resources, and promotes water resource conservation. It also decreases the plastic waste generation in WPC door manufacturing.

Building Luxurious Entrance with L&T-SuFin

Choosing the right entrance has become challenging. This is because people either get quality or aesthetics. However, with the incorporation of technologies, the quality is improved, leading to high costs. People buy doors and frames for their attractive features at low prices and regret them later due to their shorter shelf life. The reason L&T-SuFin serves authentic and high-quality materials for entrance to SMEs at affordable rates and safety concerns. Here are the reasons why you chose us:

  • A wide range of materials with different designs, patterns and colour options are available.
  • Collaboration with the top door manufacturing brands.
  • High-quality materials are provided with customer support 24*7 to our consumers.
  • Quality lead generation with KYC-verified buyers
  • For large purchases, we offer business loans at competitive market rates.
  • Partial or Full loan delivery is available for customers with over 21,000 codes

Consumers get fine-quality materials in immediate order. Simply click on the ‘Buy Now’ process, and items will be delivered in a shorter time. From logistic solutions to commercial finance, we are ready to support you to ensure a sustainable future. Also read

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