Why wearing an Industrial Safety Helmet is mandatory Onsite?

While working on a construction site or an industrial organization, engaging with heavy and machinery objects is inevitable. There are many industries where the risk of head injuries is high, and it is essential to protect themselves from such potential danger by wearing headgear.

The employer’s responsibility is to offer maximum protection to their workers. Wearing safety helmets while working on-site will protect them from multiple injuries, and we all know how crucial a head injury can be.

Wearing a safety helmet is mandatory and extremely important to save lives. The safety and health program management guidelines state that wearing PPE is mandatory at places where the risk of life may be because of a head injury.

Buying safety helmets for workers and protecting employees from potential threats is one of the most crucial things an employer can do for their organization.

How does an industrial safety helmet protect workers from head injuries?

Safety helmets are designed to offer excellent protection to workers. They are made with solid and durable materials that will prevent injuries from electric injuries, head impacts, falls of heavy objects and injury penetration.

Wearing an Industrial Safety Helmet saves employees from head trips, falls and slips

Irrespective of the industry, falling and slipping on the ground is very common. Wearing a safety helmet while working on-site can save from severe head injury that can cause due to tripping, slipping, and falling, especially in chemical or oil industries.

Wearing an Industrial Safety Helmet decreases the chances of accidents.

It is a valuable fact that multiple accidents take place in industrial areas and work units. A safety helmet will only reduce the chances of getting hurt and prevent significant injuries caused by accidents by wearing it.

Wearing an Industrial Safety Helmet also improves employee visibility.

It helps the employer to identify the employees at any time of the day.

Employees should wear a hard hat as assigned to them by the employees in the following order:

  • White Safety Helmet: Competent operatives, managers, and vehicle marshals use white safety hard hat
  • Black Safety Helmet: Site supervisors use the black safety hats on work site.
  • Yellow Safety Helmet: Workers use the yellow safety hard hats on construction sites.
  • Grey Safety Helmet: Site visitors often use the grey safety hats.
  • Red Safety Helmet: Firefighters make use of the red safety hard hat.
  • Green Safety Helmet: Safety officers usually wear the green safety hard hat.
  • Blue Safety Helmet: Electricians, technical operators and carpenters use the blue safety helmets.

Wearing Hard hat offers sun protection.

On-site workers are hardworking people who work, day & night for the growth and betterment of the company.

During the day, these workers are exposed to the sun’s rays, which can harm their health. Wide-brim safety helmets can come to the rescue to offer adequate protection from harmful sun rays.

It reduces fatigue and heatstroke and will help the workers work long hours without compromising their health.

Safety helmets should be in good condition and made of high-quality material to offer employees complete safety and health protection.

Along with the quality, the size of the helmet also plays an important role, as a well-fitted helmet can provide better protection.

In conclusion: 

Safety helmets are one of the critical aspects of keeping safe while working in an industrial organization. It has proven to save lives from hazardous situations and decrease the chances of worker loss and work downtime. Offering a high level of protection to the workers will help the industry grow and maintain a reputation in the market, eventually increasing the business’s potential. Explore the range of Safety Helmets online at L&T-SuFin.

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