Safety Helmets Standard Colour Codes in India

Safety hats come in various colours. Did you know that there is a safety helmet colour code that exists? These are standard and pre-defined codes. They are based on the nature of the work or the site in question. Bodies like the OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) usually prescribe the guidelines for Safety Helmets.

Safety helmets are imperative for ensuring proper safety at the workplace or in industrial environments. These zones are usually vulnerable towards the increasing risks of falling objects, flying objects, sudden falls, slips, trips, and loss of balance as well. Hence, safety helmets become highly necessary in this context and all workers should possess the same.

Safety Helmets Colour Code- What you should know

The industrial helmet colour codes are usually the following:

White Safety Helmet

The white colour helps people to be spot and track them easily amongst a sea of other hues. People who are in supervisory roles at the site wear them. These include architects, managers, supervisors, and engineers.

Yellow Safety Helmet

This is a safety helmet colour code that is applicable for those professionals who run heavy equipment or machinery along with earthmovers. Workers in construction work and general labour at any industrial site wear yellow safety helmets.

Green Safety Helmet

Inspectors or officers who examine and scrutinize on-site safety wear green safety hats. New trainees at sites or recruits also sometimes wear green-coloured helmets.

Brown Safety Helmet

This colour is for those professionals who take care of jobs that involve a sizable amount of heat like welding.

Orange Safety Helmet

Workers who are constructing and maintaining roads wear orange safety helmets. The orange safety hat enables people to spot them quickly. Visitors and recruits often receive helmets with this color as well.

Blue Safety Helmet

This helmet is for carpenters and electricians along with technical consultants, advisors, and interim professionals.

Red Safety Helmet

It is mainly used by those engaged in emergency services, training, and fire-fighting.

Grey Safety Helmet

This is mostly given to visitors coming to industrial areas or working sites.

Pink Safety Helmet

This colour is used by female workers in some companies. They are also additional backup options for some workers who may have forgotten their original ones at home.

These are some of the colours which are used for safety helmets nowadays. You should choose as per your designation, job role, department, or other needs.

Why should colour-coded safety helmets be used at sites/workplaces?

There are no such formal rules that mandate the usage of these helmets. But there are many advantages to using them as well. Some of them include the following:

  • Being able to differentiate between team members working in diverse positions and departments.
  • Quick identification of specific types of people at the time of emergencies.
  • More efficiency in terms of quickly finding the right people for tackling specific jobs or queries.

You should always take a closer look at the safety helmets that you are buying, keeping an eye on the certification to ensure authenticity.

Also, check the material and whether the helmet is comfortable or not for long hours at a stretch. You will find a plethora of safety helmets options available online at L&T-SuFin. This includes helmets which come with diverse features and benefits. This is a great place to find all the safety equipment that you desire in one place. Here’s to enhanced safety and better worker identification with the right colour-coded safety helmets.

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