Safety First: The Role of Manhole Covers in Urban Infrastructure

Manholes are underground structures essential for sewage water flow and pipeline inspection and maintenance. These are common on streets, roads and pavements. Generally, manholes are covered by the manhole covers, primarily for the safety of passersby. The manhole covers are of a distinct type and hold a wide range of usage and importance.

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Did you know that the manhole cover and frames market is predicted to rise at a CAGR rate of 4.6% during the forecast period of 2022 to 2029? This shows how manhole covers are in high demand in the market for several purposes. Let’s understand the information and uses.

Types of Manhole Covers

Manholes are covered with removable lids. These lids or manhole covers are of multiple types based on raw material. They can be made from cast or ductile iron, concrete, FRP, plastic and concrete.

Cast Iron Manhole Cover

These are made of molten iron, which is poured into the mould and left to cool to take structure. Cast iron manhole covers are corrosion-resistant.

Ductile Manhole Cover

Made from ductile iron, these are manufactured using magnesium. They have higher strength and durability.

FRP Manhole Cover

Referred to as Fiber Reinforced Polymer, these covers are made from fibreglass and resin. They are chemically resistant and non-conductive.

Concrete Manhole Cover

Manufactured of concrete, these are the most cost-efficient covers. They are customisable to different shapes and dimensions.

Plastic Manhole Cover

Made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), these are also cost-effective. Additionally, they are lighter too.

Uses of Manhole Covers

Maintenance hole covers are very important for safety in numerous ways. Let us explore how the manhole covers can be utilised for various applications.

  • Protection: They protect pedestrians and vehicles from falling or getting stuck into manholes. In areas where manholes are routes of electric wires, covers protect from electrical hazards.
  • Maintenance: The removable property of these covers helps to carry out regular maintenance easily.
  • Prevention: Manhole covers prevent unauthorised access to manholes. Depending on their structure, they also prevent the release of toxic and smelly sewage gases into the atmosphere and in residential areas. In addition, they prevent the entry of trash and debris into the underground flowing water system.
  • Aesthetics: These covers also contribute to the aesthetics of the areas by being manufactured into unique shapes. Based on their type of structure, they may have openings as well. It acts as an exit for flood water, excess water and sewage water.

Importance of Manhole Covers

The manhole covers are an essential structure due to the following reasons:


These covers have a wide number of uses, as seen in the previous section. They are most important for the safety of individuals and animals. However, they are also used to elevate the aesthetic look of the area, assist in maintenance and act as entry and exit points. They regulate the movement of water, gases, dust, debris and environmental components.

Withstand Weights

Heavy-duty maintenance hole covers are located in heavy-industry spaces such as locomotive manufacturing units, shipbuilding factories, aerospace units, dockyards and steel production units. They are designed for the specific function of withstanding the heavy vehicular movement and weight in these areas.

The heavy-duty manhole covers remain intact despite heavy traffic running over them due to their strong weight-bearing capacity. These covers are capable of tolerating 400 kiloNewton/40 tonnes to 900 kiloNewton/90 tonnes of weight.

Offer Grips

These covers can be rough structures or loaded with patterns. In rainy seasons, the wet roads become slippery. These covers are the source of grip for both walkers and vehicle riders.

Easy Lifting

Manhole covers of any material can be easily lifted off their fitted location. It makes them a preferred structure for usage in any location. Hence, manhole covers offer easy access to the other side.

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