Materials used for different types of Safety Gloves

Depending on the work environment, Safety hand glove use a variety of suitable material in their manufacturing process.

Lightweight Safety Gloves

Cotton safety gloves

At the basic level, fabric or cotton gloves are safety gloves types that may appear to be easily usable and comfortable also. They are useful to keep the hands clean while also offering some resistance against minor abrasions and scrapes. However, such safety gloves offer low protection against open flames, jagged materials, or puncture hazards. These could be, however, used as liners to be worn inside sturdier safety gloves.

Coated fabric safety gloves

For general usage, coated fabric safety gloves offer a greater level of resistance to punctures and cuts. These safety gloves offer protection against the alkalinity of concrete products. In addition, they have better chemical resistance. We can use a variety of materials for coatings, including nitrile, latex, polyvinyl chloride, and more. When it comes to insulation, such safety gloves offer less protection compared to uncoated safety gloves. However, even though they may offer some resistance to hazardous chemicals, they are unsuitable for use all the time.

Leather safety gloves

Leather safety gloves offer excellent grip and resistance against sparks. When it comes to sharp or abrasive surfaces, they offer robust protection. Wearing such safety glove types allows you to tolerate a moderate level of heat. Leather safety gloves are suitable for jobs that involve welding or friction from a rope, as they have been known to be quite suitable for those tasks.  Even though they are usually durable, they tend to shrivel or harden on exposure to excessively high temperatures.

Chemical and Liquid Resistant Safety Gloves

Latex and Nitrile safety gloves

Laboratories and healthcare industries widely use latex and nitrile safety gloves in their applications. The material is known to offer protection against oils, grease, solvents, chemicals, and biohazards. Their form-fitting characteristics offer great dexterity when it comes to precision in handling objects. But when it comes to punctures or sharp and abrasive surfaces, such safety gloves offer little protection.

Butyl rubber safety gloves

Butyl rubber is useful in protecting against peroxides, strong acids, bases, aldehydes, and ketones. These safety hand gloves protect against a wide variety of chemicals.

Neoprene hand protection gloves

Neoprene safety gloves types are useful in protection against alcohol and oxidising agents, hydraulic fluids, phenol, glycols, and ether. These safety hand glove types offer a high level of pliability, finger dexterity, high density, and tear resistance.

PVC hand protection gloves

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) offers excellent protection against strong acids, bases and salts, and other water-based solutions. They can be used for immersion, and generally tend to offer less dexterity and sensitivity. However, safety gloves of such material tend to have poor tear resistance.

Thermal Proof Safety Gloves

Metal mesh or Aluminised safety gloves

Metal mesh or aluminised safety gloves are an excellent choice for resisting heat. These industrial glove types are suitable for undertaking tasks such as welding or working in a furnace and foundry. They are also suitable for use in laboratories where high-heat ovens are operated. Industrial safety gloves of these types are also useful in adapting to work that involves repeated cutting and slicing. The only negative point is that such safety glove types could be heavy and tend to restrain finger movement.

Kevlar safety gloves

Kevlar is a heat-resistant para-aramid synthetic fibre. The material can be used to manufacture safety glove types that are lightweight and durable while also offering excellent resistance to abrasions and cuts.

Cryogenic safety gloves

Cryogenic safety gloves are used to protect against cryogens and prevent tissue damage. They are ideally suited for handling cold containers and equipment. However, these industrial safety glove types are not suitable for immersion.

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