Angle Grinder Attachments: Expand the Capabilities of Your Tool in 2023

Angle grinders are great tools for multipurpose use, particularly for grinding metal and other surfaces by using a disc. However, you can expand the versatility of this power tool by using several attachments, such as cutting and flap discs, wire wheels, sanding wheels, etc. These attachments are widely available and easy to attach.

Even though the angle grinder by itself is a multipurpose tool, when you use such attachments like cutting discs and grinding wheels, it can help you tackle a wide variety of other jobs also much more quickly and safely.

This article will discuss the various angle grinder attachments and their uses. It will also talk about how these attachments can help small-scale to large businesses in India to expand their usage in different industrial and construction projects.

What are angle grinder attachments, and why are they needed?

You can fix specialized attachments to an angle grinder to expand its capabilities. They are needed because, in addition to their primary function as a grinder, they enable the power tool to perform a wider range of tasks, such as cutting, polishing, sanding, sharpening, and more. By using grinding tool attachments, you can use one single tool for various purposes, which ultimately helps you save time and money.

Types of Angle Grinder Attachments

There are various types of angle grinder attachments that you can choose from depending on your specific needs. Some of the more common types include:

Cutting Discs

A cutting disc is a specialized tool that cuts through hard materials such as metal, stone, and concrete. Attachments typically consist of a circular blade made from durable materials such as tungsten carbide. The disc is mounted on an arbor (or mandrel) which is fixed to the angle grinder and rotates at high speed. Cutting discs are commonly used in construction, fabrication, sheet metal, and manufacturing applications where precision cuts are required.

Flap Disc

A flap disc is an abrasive disc used for grinding and finishing metal surfaces. It consists of multiple overlapping abrasive flaps that are fixed to a backing plate. Flap discs are used in various applications, including cleaning metal, grinding, deburring, blending, polishing, and finishing.

Grinding Wheel

A grinding wheel comprises an abrasive compound that is required for various grinding (abrasive cutting) operations. Such wheels are a type of angle grinders attachments used for grinding & polishing metal. The discs are usually built from a composite material with a coarse particle that has been crushed and bonded with the help of a cementing matrix (referred to as bond in the nomenclature of grinding wheels) to create a solid, spherical shape.

Wire Wheel

A wire wheel is a type of angle grinder attachment used for heavy-duty cleaning, removing rust and paints from metal surfaces, deburring, and edge blending. It consists of a circular wheel with radial wire bristles that rotate at high speeds during operation.

There are various types of wire wheels available in the market and you can select the right one as per your requirement. For working on tough metal surfaces, such as iron and stainless steel, you can use wired-wheel brush fixtures with knotted and crimped wires.

Sanding Wheel

Because of their strong motors, accuracy, and high RPM, angle grinders can be used as ideal power sanding equipment. If you work on wood, sanding wheels are best for leveling surfaces, shaping, smoothing, and cutting hardwood. These are also highly effective in crafting intricate designs on wooden and soft metal surfaces.

Wherever, a ceramic sanding wheel is ideal for working on tough heat-sensitive materials like stainless steel, nickel alloy, and titanium. Since ceramic is a tougher abrasive than zirconium and aluminum oxide, they provide cooler operation through lesser friction. Additionally, ceramic sanding wheels are known for providing a smoother cut, longer life, and more efficient grinding than other materials.

Strip Disc

A strip disc of an angle grinder is a type of angle grinder attachment that you can use for various tasks, including removing corrosion, smoothing rough edges, stripping paints, and polishing surfaces. This type of disc consists of poly fiber materials. The benefit of using a stripping disc for this task is that it can quickly and easily remove materials from a surface without damaging the base material.

Diamond Disc

A diamond disc is an angle grinder attachment that uses diamond-embedded abrasives to cut through hard materials such as stone and concrete. Depending on the material cut, the discs are available in various sizes and shapes. Diamond discs are typically used for straight and curved cutting of hard materials such as tile, masonry, stone, and concrete. The benefit of using a diamond disc is that it results in a cleaner, smoother cut. They are more durable than standard discs, meaning you can use it repeatedly without losing its effectiveness.

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