A guide to removing Hexagon head bolts without any disruptions

A Brief Introduction to Hexagon Head Bolts

Hexagon head bolts are commonly used as fasteners throughout several industries. They may be applied to multiple types of projects in turn. These bolts come with six sides or hexagonal heads, enabling superior grip and also easy installation with ratchets and wrenches. These bolts are also known as machine bolts or hex cap screws. They are useful for several applications in the construction industry including assembling structures made of both steel and wood, along with the automotive industry for joining components and keeping them resistant to vibrations and looseness.

Hexagon head bolts are also used throughout sectors like plumbing, industrial and electrical equipment, carpentry, and more. They come in several sizes and types in terms of their material, making them ideal options for diverse needs. They are usually used for securing two material pieces in a firm position. The bolt goes through the hole in one piece and a wrench is used to keep it in place through the other, building a connection that lasts even with the application of higher force and pressure. These bolts are also used for vehicles and other equipment as a result, keeping components neatly in position and also preventing any vibration-related looseness, as mentioned.

Why Hexagon Head Bolts Require Removal

There are sometimes situations that necessitate the swift and smooth removal of hexagon head bolts. These include the following:

·        Damages due to heavy stress after the installation.

·        Huge strain on the connecting joints, making removal necessary but difficult.

·        Faulty techniques while connecting bolts and nuts, requiring removal as a result.

The bolt may be damaged even further if you end up being careless while removing the same, or have a faulty extraction process. This will make the entire process near-impossible as a result. You should learn more about removing these bolts safely and without any hassles.

How to Remove Hexagon Head Bolts Easily

Removing hexagon head bolts entails the following steps:

1.     Focus on the safety aspect- You should always have suitable power tools and other devices for removing broken hexagon head bolts. You should always have proper safety gloves and goggles to keep any unforeseen damages at bay. You should also read the instruction manuals for all the tools that you use.

2.     Lubricating the Bolt- Lubricate the hexagon head bolt with some drops of suitable penetrating fluid/oil and make sure that it spreads throughout the entire bolt face. Gently use a hammer to tap the bolt and let this oil do its magic for some minutes before doing anything else.

3.     Bolt Head Tear- Suppose lubrication did not let you remove the bolt easily. In this case, you may create a tiny nut slit with a chisel and hammer. You will have to put the chisel in the center of the head before striking with the hammer accordingly. The opening will then become big enough for fitting the screwdriver and you can remove the bolt from the socket accordingly. If the nut remains stuck in the same, use a torque wrench for the job. Ensure that the bolt is turned in the counter-clockwise method without any excessive tightening of the same.

4.     Doing away with the nut head- If nothing else helps you remove the hexagon head bolt, then you can shear off the nut head. Upon removing the same, use an electric drill (usually with a bit that is sized the same as the stem of the bolt) and drill the stem hole likewise. Always be gentle while using it and do not end up damaging any components linked to the bolt.

5.     Bolt extractor kits- There are several extractor kits available for bolts that you can consider. If you could not ensure the removal of a damaged nut even now, then use this kit which is suitably sized as per the hole that you drilled previously. You will also require a torque wrench for the rotation of the extractor in the proper direction.

Where to find the best hexagon head bolts and other equipment

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