How to choose the right types of hexagon head bolts

Hexagon Head Bolts- A Closer Look

Hexagon head bolts are specific threaded bolts that are synonymous with hexagonal-shaped heads that have six sides. These bolts may be either partially or fully threaded with a clear shank that is present along a portion of their body.

They are useful for several applications, spanning construction and also other equipment/machinery. These come in diverse sizes, types, finishes, and materials, thereby ensuring more flexibility in choosing the bolt that is ideally tailored to any particular application or job. These bolts are also sometimes called hexagon bolts or hex head bolts owing to the signature shapes of their heads.

Usage of Hexagon Head Bolts

Hexagon head bolts can be versatile and flexible fasteners, making them ideal for diverse uses throughout several applications and other industries as well. Some examples include hex head screws that may be used for metal, wood, and many other environmental circumstances. They come with stronger tensile attributes and standard varieties may be used throughout several locations as well. Bolts are fasteners that are extensively used, while the major function is the intensive fastening and fixing of applications. These applications include infrastructure, construction projects, repair, erection, and maintenance of bridges, buildings, and road infrastructure, engineering applications, woodworking duties like fastening frames, machinery assembling, engineering applications, and more.

These bolts may be used in tandem with nuts or pre-tapped holes, based on the specific application. They may be tightened with several tools like socket sets, hex bolt wrenches, ratchet spanners, and hex keys. Their versatility and dynamism make them popular picks for customers.

Types of Hexagon Head Bolts

Several kinds of hexagon head bolts are available for buyers. They are tailored for diverse applications and scenarios. These bolts may be classified in several ways, including the material, size, and finish that is used for production and also whether there is partial or full threading.

Here is a glimpse of the available hexagon head bolts that are available and their various types:

·        Partially Threaded Hex Bolts- These are solely threaded from the part downwards to the end of the bolt along its length. The unthreaded bolt shank is called the grip length and it joins to the threaded shank and bolt head accordingly. Partially-threaded options ensure more robust resistance overall, while there is a prevention of any strain on the shank’s unthreaded portion through the unique design, ensuring that there are no weaker areas for the section.

·        Fully Threaded Hex Bolts- These hexagon head bolts come with threading from the bolt end to the head itself. They are suitable for usage throughout fastening applications which are heavy-duty in nature and ideal for installations throughout pre-threaded holes. Suitably installed and fully-threaded hex bolts are tailored to ensure proper distribution of pressure throughout the entire bolt length. This ensures higher strength levels as compared to other options with partial threading.

·        Steel Hex Bolts- Steel comes in diverse grades and strengths, with the usual standards being EN16 and EN8 steel as well. The more this number, the stronger the overall steel grade.

·        Stainless Steel Hex Bolts- These hexagon head bolts are made of stainless steel and come with corrosion resistance as well. The bolts that use stainless steel may be used for external or internal applications alike. However, steel with zinc plating is another option that is tailored for usage indoors.

·        Brass Hex Bolts- These hex bolts are made of brass and are not as common. Brass offers more resistance to corrosion, and is costlier at times, which is why steel often finds more takers.

·        Hex Bolts Based on their Size- Some of the types of hexagon head bolts based on size include M8, M10, M12, and other varieties.

These are some types of head bolts that you may choose from. It all depends on your specific industry, purpose, and application.

Where to Find the Best Hexagon Head Bolts?

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