Top 10 Amazing Use of Angle Grinders You Should Know

Is an angle grinder limited to typical construction and metal-cutting projects? Think again. Angle grinders are among the most efficient and versatile tools for home improvement or industrial work for cleaning metal, sharpening tools, removing mortar and more.

An angle grinder is a simple handheld tool, which is also known as a spin grinder or a disc grinder. Using a motor and spinning disc, an angle grinder is efficient in tasks like cutting metal precisely and grinding and polishing metal surfaces quickly. The applications range from metalworking to polishing and grinding.

Here, we present 10 of the most surprising and creative uses for an angle grinder.

Applications of Angle Grinders

The versatility of angle grinders makes them ideal for various applications. A wide array of possibilities opens depending on how an angle grinder is used. Here are some examples:

Angle Grinders for Grinding and Polishing Metal

Angle grinders are ideal for grinding and polishing different metal surfaces. Grinding is a machining process of removing the unevenness of surfaces by the application of abrasives. With the help of different-grade grinding wheels, it is easy to grind any object.

On the other hand, polishing uses abrasives to smoothen metal. It improves the finishing and shine of stone and metal objects. Removing dullness and imperfections from the surface as well. Angle grinders can be used for polishing various surfaces like tiles, stone, steel, iron, brass, copper, aluminum, and more with different types of polishing wheels.

Angle Grinders for Cutting Metal

The second most used task for an angle grinder is cutting metal objects. Different objects such as pipes, fences and steel rods can be cut out easily. Plumbers and welders often use angle grinders in cutting metal and PVC pipes and objects. Angle grinders with discs are referred to as cut-off wheels or cut-off discs. These discs make quick and precise cuts on metal objects. Cutting wheels are different from grinding or polishing wheels, and the disc thickness is usually thinner than a grinding wheel.

Cleaning metal surfaces using Angle Grinders

You can use an angle grinder for cleaning metal objects to remove metal slag, rust, and burrs. It is very useful for the quick removal of rust from old metals using a wire wheel or brush attachment. Using a plastic stripping wheel, angle grinders also remove paint from objects. They are especially useful when working with narrow objects such as railings, tools, equipment, etc. Plastic stripping wheels commonly use silicon carbide and webbed nylon material.

Sharpening tools

You can use angle grinders for sharpening tools with a disc or stone. It restores the age-lost sharpness of cutting tools, including chisels, plane irons, axes, chainsaws, etc. When it comes to sharpening tools, it can serve as an alternative to a bench grinder. However, this requires skill and expertise.

Cutting tiles and stones

Angle grinders with cutting discs can cut through tiles and stones with accuracy and ease. It can quickly cut through materials like floor tiles, marble tiles, bricks, stones, concrete blocks, etc. It gives a smooth and nice cut to make work more precise and productive. The risk here is that the blade may break if not used correctly. So, you must change the blade to avoid further damage.

Removing Mortar

You can use an angle grinder to remove mortar without damaging the work structure. It is faster and easier than chiseling. Though a small angle grinder works best, reaching small spaces may take some time. You must take safety measures like a face shield, gloves, and eye protection when using an angle grinder to remove mortar.

Removing Paint

Another great use for angle grinders is removing paint. It can be used to remove paint from objects, including handrails, concrete pillars, old objects, surfaces, etc. Auto repair shops widely use this tool to remove old paint before repainting. It helps remove paint without damaging the original structure of objects and the metal underneath.

Carving Wood

The are many applications of the angle grinder to crave larger wood effectively. The carving disc helps chisel wood in different patterns. It can also make design cuts and carve different shapes gently and carefully. 

Planing Wood

In addition to carving wood, angle grinders can also be for smooth wood planing. When working with large, rough pieces of wood, an angle grinder is more effective than a regular wood planer.

Cutting Ceramic Tiles

Angle grinders are highly efficient in cutting ceramic tiles in different sizes and patterns. It ensures crisp edge cuts without damaging the ceramic surface. This makes tilework very simple for DIY projects that people love.

Final words

Though angle grinders are mainly used for grinding and cutting metal, they find multiple applications in tasks around homes. Home improvement, carpentry and other DIY projects are simplified with a powerful, high-quality angle grinder that L&T-SuFin offers.

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