Comprehensive guide to Portable Welding Machines: Features and benefits

Small welding machines aid in completing minor and major welding projects in almost all places. Their portability makes them perfect for industrial and commercial uses. So, if you are a business owner and looking to buy a small welding machine, this article is for you. Here, we have discussed their features and benefits, as well as things you should consider while buying them. 

Features of Small Welding Machines

Small welding machines help the professional welder in managing a high-quality and safe weld. The key features that enable this are as follows:

Power Input

The higher the welding power a small welding machine can create, the higher the amount of electricity required for its operation. A majority of beginner machines can run at a standard 110-volt outlet. These machines are capable of performing general repairs, maintenance, and light construction and fabrication tasks. 

However, in case you want to perform heavy tasks, you should take into account the larger ones with 220 volts. For jobs like railway projects, heavy construction, and shipbuilding, welding machines of 460 volts or higher are recommended. 

Power Output

Power output is calculated by the amperage at which a small welding machine can run. The more the amperage, the deeper the machine’s arc is capable of penetrating the workpiece. 

Reduced Costs and Waste

Speed controls help in managing an even weld bead as well as penetration, which decreases over-welding, and thus, costs. Distortion is managed through the maintenance of a constant heat-affected zone. Moreover, the gas and wire waste is decreased since the pre-determined amounts are applied to the weld bead. 

Benefits of Small Welding Machines

Small welding machines have several advantages, especially when it comes to industrial applications. 

Lightweight and Portable

Among the greatest benefits of small welding machines is their portability due to their compact size and lightweight. This means they can be carried around easily and do not even require too much space for storage. 

Enhanced Productivity 

The portability of a small welding machine implies ease of use. Moreover, the welder will not have to take breaks just because of being tired from carrying heavy weights. Not to mention, the stability and ability to make manual adjustments mean higher consistency in welds. 

Increased Energy Efficiency 

Small welding machines consist of smaller reactors and transformers as compared to the traditional machines and yet, they’re powerful. The portable ones are oftentimes more energy efficient as compared to the latter. 

Usually, the output of a small machine can vary from 82 per cent to 93 per cent, while a traditional machine has a power output between 40per cent and 60 per cent. Thus, by opting for a small welding machine, you will be saving plenty on costs by consuming lesser energy.

What to Look for When Purchasing Small Welding Machines?

Different small welding machines have different features – some are heavier than others while some have numerous multiprocess welding capabilities. Accordingly, given below are some factors you should consider while making a purchase.

Weight and Size

Since buying small welding machines for industrial purposes mean they will be used often, you should consider the size and weight of the machine. If you need higher portability, look for the ones that are small in size and lightweight.

Multiprocess Welding Functionalities

While some machines are only for performing a particular type of welding like a stick, TIG, or MIG, others can offer multifunctionalities. Nonetheless, single-process welding machines offer more control over the settings. Thus, choose the welding machine wisely. 

Metal Thickness

Pay attention to the specs sheet before making the purchase. A majority of manufacturers highlight the various kinds of thicknesses and metals that the machines are suitable for. Carefully consider the types of metals that you will need to weld and their thicknesses. 

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