Everything You Need to Know about Buying a Welding Machine In India

Are you planning to buy a welding machine for your commercial space? If so, you must know several things about this equipment before finally making the decision. To help you with the same, we have created a comprehensive guide for purchasing a welding machine in India.

Why Buy a Welding Machine?

The welding industry has undoubtedly developed significantly over the years, which implies the extent to which a welding machine can be useful. If you are still having second thoughts about your purchasing decision, here are some reasons why you should buy a welding machine. 

Reduced Costs 

If you perform a cost-benefit analysis of owning a welder or hiring another company to do the job, you will notice that the latter will cost your company more in the long run. Moreover, if you rent the equipment instead of buying it, the expenses will be high in the long run. 

It may seem that purchasing a welding machine is costly but if you look at the expenses involved in hiring another company or renting the machine, you will realize that purchasing one will be a better decision. 

Highly Efficient

Hiring another company for your space’s welding needs can be time-consuming. Not only will you have to give them short notice but you will also have to pay more attention. The same goes for renting a welding machine – it is highly likely that you won’t immediately get the equipment. 

However, if you have a welding machine, you will not have to waste time. The work will be done immediately and thus, purchasing a welding machine implies efficiency. 

More Reliable 

Outsourcing your welding job means there is always a possibility that the work is not done to your satisfaction. Instead, if you get the welding done in-house, with your own equipment, you will be sure of the outcome. Also, you can give feedback as many times as you want without worrying about additional costs. 

Different Kinds of Welding Machines for Different Purposes

A welding machine is a robust tool utilized for fusing a couple of pieces of metal. It holds these parts in place, liquefies them, and makes use of pressure for joining them. Since there are various kinds of metals and each welding process is for a different purpose, there are various kinds of welding machines, each serving a different purpose. 

Stick Welding

Arc or stick welding involves a stick-welding electrode rod. It is easy to learn, cheap to begin, and highly versatile. Moreover, it can be utilized on an array of metal alloys. 

MIG Welding

MIG Welding is ideal for thick and large materials quickly. Moreover, it is perfect for beginners. The key requirement is that the workpiece materials are entirely dust-free. 

Energy Beam Welding 

Energy beam welding is capable of welding thin as well as thick materials and dissimilar metals that have varying conductivities and melting points. This kind of welding is precise and provides the welder with great control. 

Which Welding Machine is the Most Suitable for Your Business?

While the most suitable welding machine for your commercial space depends on numerous factors, we have listed the most general ones below to help you decide better. 

Types of Materials

Different welding machines involve different purposes and work best on different materials. Thus, while buying a welding machine, consider the types of materials used in the construction and interior of your workspace. Then, check out which machine best welds these materials. 


Consider how much time you have to train the welder in case you’re not hiring a professional one. In case you are focused more on beginner-friendly welding machines, you should consider MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding. 

Also, if you want to get the work done fast, MIG is perfect. However, if you have more time, you may think about buying machines that utilize the TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding process, which is a slower process. 


If you have a professional welder and have a good budget, consider buying the more expensive ones that are multi-purpose. 

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