Hexagon Head Bolt Dimensions- Everything you need to know

Hexagon Head Bolts- A Quick Guide

Knowing more about Hexagon head bolts is vital before you understand more about their dimensions. The following are some pointers that will be of help in this regard:

·        Hexagon head bolts are commonly used as fasteners for various kinds of applications.

·        The head in these bolts is hexagonal and this ensures better gripping abilities along with easy installation through ratchets or wrenches.

·        These bolts are also called machine bolts or hex cap screws at times.

·        They are widely used throughout the construction and automotive industry, along with other sectors like carpentry, plumbing, and industrial and electrical machinery.

·        They come in various types of materials and sizes, as per specific requirements.

·        They are mostly used for securing two material pieces in place, with the bolt inserted through a hole and screwed into position with the help of a wrench, thereby building a robust connection for resisting force and pressure in higher amounts.

·        They are also known for resisting corrosion successfully along with working properly at higher temperatures.

·        These bolts are measured based on their diameter, length, and pitch.

·        The width of its shank is the diameter.

·        The length is measured from the end of the chamfer to the bottom of the head.

·        The pitch is the measurement figure between the threads.

Size Types of Hexagon Head Bolts

There are various sizes that you will come across. The right size is essential since there will be a specific application or purpose that you have to execute in this regard. Hence, you should note the length, pitch, and size of the thread carefully. The latter may be measured with M-type or ISO metric-based measurements. The metric system of the ISO is mostly used globally for these measurements.

This global standard enables thread size measurements for various types of screws and bolts. Size is indicated by M and then a number with it. This is the outer thread diameter as measured via millimeters. For instance, a thread size of M10 for a hexagon head bolt means that the outer diameter of the same is 10 millimeters or 10mm.

Size Charts for Hexagon Head Bolts

There are several size charts that you can refer to in this regard. You will find several types of bolts that fall under this chart. It will help you choose the most suitable bolt for your specific requirements.

Chart for DIN-Standard 931

These are bolts that come with the partially-threaded and clear shank variety along the body length.

Thread SizeThread DiameterThreaded Shank Length (up to 125mm)Threaded Shank Length (125-200mm)Threaded Shank Length (200+mm)Head WidthThread Width

Chart for DIN-Standard 933

This is an extra-size chart that you will find useful for your choices as well.

Thread SizeThread PitchThread WidthHead WidthRadius Under Head

Where to Buy Hexagon Head Bolts

Find hexagon head bolts in various sizes and types at L&T-SuFin. This is a great place to find all other industrial tools and equipment along with solutions across diverse categories. You also get logistics support and finance solutions to make your purchases easier on the platform. You can also keep reading more about hexagon head bolts and other types of equipment by following the blogs. This will help you learn more about using these tools, their multifarious applications, types, sizes, and more. Remember that selecting the right size and dimensions is always essential if you are to maximize the usage potential of hexagon head bolts. Hence, following the size charts and dimension guides is absolutely necessary.

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