How to Save Money on Printer Ink: Learn 5 Effective Ways

Spending substantial sums of money on printer ink is one of the biggest headaches in life, and you, too, probably face the same situation. Hence, you may be looking for alternative ways to reduce this bothersome expenditure.

Printing is an indispensable part of your daily life. Certainly, it is difficult to pay a high price for ink on a regular basis. It may also increase your business expenses, ultimately affecting your revenues.

Therefore, we discuss some effective ways to save money on printer ink, and how to reduce ink usage.

Different Ways to Save Money on Printer Ink

Printer companies provide various solutions to reduce your ink budget. While some launch ink-efficient printers, some offer affordable ink subscriptions. But, as a customer, it may be overwhelming for you to decide what to choose.

Avoid turning the printer on and off repeatedly

Turning it on and off repeatedly can trigger a maintenance cycle. It wastes some ink. To avoid this situation, you should keep the printer turned on in between your tasks.

Many printers use the same amount of ink to clean the print heads as in real printing. So, keeping the printer turned on can ensure a big saving on your printer ink costs.

Buy a Reservoir Printer

Studies have shown that many companies offer reservoir ink printers. This is a type of printer in which the ink tanks are refillable and can be filled manually with ink bottles or specially engineered ink cartridges. They last for 2 years or more following which you can buy replacements at negligible cost.

However, the upfront prices of these models may be higher than usual printers. So, initially, you have to pay a little more when buying the machine. But, the long-term cost-saving benefits mostly outweigh the initial high cost.

Opt for an Ink Subscription

With a little research, you can find a suitable ink delivery subscription. Many times, your printer’s company provides it. The subscription offers ink refills automatically when required.

The subscription usually includes a monthly payment. It is mostly based on the number of pages used instead of the amount of ink used. So, even if you use a large amount of ink to print one page, it will cost the same as one word on that page.

It is highly beneficial for you if you need a significant amount of prints daily. Also, with it, you don’t have to pay for the ink used to maintain the printer head.

Choose a Compatible Ink cartridge

Another popular way to save ink is by buying third-party ink. Aftermarket inks offer alternatives to high-priced ink replacement cartridges made by manufacturing companies. They sell it in recycled cartridges, ensuring a big saving on your ink cost.

However, you must pay attention to a few factors here. Make sure to buy a compatible ink cartridge.

Remember that the third-party ink may clog the printer heads. Also, it may not give you the desired printing results. So, you should buy from a reputed source with a guarantee.

Go for a black-and-white Laser Printer

Laser printers may be synonymous with high cost for many of you. But there are several affordable monochrome laser printers as well. They are ideal for everyday use.

These laser printers can produce high-quality prints quickly and are cost-effective. Also, their toner lasts longer than ink cartridges in inkjet printers. So, the overall printing cost remains low.

Apart from these ways, there are some smart printing techniques. You can apply them to reduce the use of ink. The less ink is used, the less the cost will be.

Techniques to Reduce Ink Usage in Your Printer

If the cost-saving methods don’t suit your criteria, here are some smart printing hacks that you can apply to reduce ink usage.

  • Don’t print everything. You can reduce photo printing ink usage and cost by creating a digital album. Also, you can preview the webpages before print and remove unnecessary images and other things.
  • Seal the spare ink properly. You can use an airtight ziplock bag or any sealed container.
  • Use fonts that require less ink than usual. Perforated fonts are available, saving up to 46% of the ink that is usually required.
  • Check your print settings. When it is not required, you should not choose a high-quality print.
  • Print regularly. It may sound weird. But regular printing prevents the ink in the printer from drying up, saving extra ink costs.

Summing it Up

There are various ways to save money on printer ink. Some of them may require you to compromise with the print quality. We suggest avoiding them as much as possible. Instead, go for ways that save money without lowering the print quality.

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